How To Use Amazon Locker?

Are Amazon lockers free?

1. Amazon Lockers are free with your Prime membership. Think of it just like Free 2-Day Prime Shipping, except instead of landing on your doorstep, your purchase will go to an Amazon Locker and wait for you.

Where are Amazon lockers?

Where are Lockers located? In more than 900 cities and towns across the U.S. Amazon Lockers are strategically located in convenience stores, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and malls. We like to place them in places you already go.

How much does an Amazon Locker cost?

Amazon has not responded to our requests for more information, but as a point of comparison, in a competitive service from Luxer One, parcel locker installations appear to cost between $6,000 and $20,000, plus service fees, which presumably are costed out by landlords and property owners in the form of higher rents or

How does Amazon Locker return work?

To return a package at an Amazon Hub Locker: Visit the Online Returns Center to submit a return request. After you submit your return request in the Online Return Center, you will receive a Locker dropoff code via e-mail. Take the unique code to your locker location.

Is Kohls an Amazon locker?

Amazon Returns at Kohl’s is now available at our more than 1,100 stores nationwide. Customers can now visit their local Kohl’s store to return eligible Amazon items, without a box or label, for a free return. Kohl’s packages and sends returned items to Amazon returns centers on behalf of customers.

Can someone else pick up my Amazon locker?

Can someone else pick up my package? Anyone who has the pick-up code can access the locker, so yes. Just enter the code and the locker door will open.