How To Use A Tomato Cage?

When should I put tomato cages on?

How to Cage Your Tomato Plant after it gets Big with Little Damage

Why do you need a tomato cage?

A tomato plant grows upright, holding its fruit up off the ground. They often need cages or stakes because the tomatoes get heavy enough to pull limbs or even the entire plant to the ground, potentially snapping the branches or stem in the process. ‘Wild tomatoes’ bear much smaller fruits that are easier to support.

Is it better to stake or cage tomatoes?

Determinate tomatoes can do well with stakes since they stop growing at a certain height. Indeterminate varieties, in our experience, do better with cages because they can reach such heights, but your cage needs to be up to the challenge and offer support at least six feet tall.

What is the best way to support tomato plants?

Tomato Cages: How to Make Supports for Healthier Tomato Plants

How do you fix tomato cages?

Tomato Cages & Trellises For The Garden, The Wisconsin

Do Cherry Tomatoes need a cage?

Bush cherry tomatoes will be sturdy enough to stay upright on their own but indeterminate plants will need some support. Get your string, stakes or tomato cages in place right at planting time. If you wait until later, you are much more likely to damage your plants.