How To Use A Toilet Auger?

Can you use a drain auger on a toilet?

2 Answers.

The toilet auger is designed to protect the visible finish at the bottom of your toilet where a drain auger could leave scratch marks.

It’s also possible for a drain auger to get twisted inside of the large diameter of the toilet drain.

What is the difference between a toilet auger and a snake?

What’s the Difference Between a Toilet Snake and an Auger? An auger, on the other hand, won’t scratch your toilet and is just as easy to use. An auger is a flexible cable that is fed into the toilet drain using a hand crank. The head of the auger is sturdy and can effectively dislodge tough clogs.

How long does a toilet auger need to be?

between 3 to 6 feet

How do you use a 3 foot toilet auger?

How to Fix a Toilet – Using a Toilet Auger –