How To Use A Tap And Die Set?

What can you do with a tap and die set?

Tapping is when you threads are cut into a hole.

A die set is used to cut threads onto a cylinder (bolt).

To use a tap or a die, first determine the number of threads per inch (TPI) of the part to be fixed.

A gauge system that has a number of different pins can be used to calculate the TPI of a bolt or nut.

How much is a tap and die set?

In Stock. This set ranges from #4 to 1/2 inch Tap and Dies. It is great for home workshop use where you need to occasionaly tap a hole in plastic or thread blanks for small screws in soft materials or mild steel.

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How do you tap holes?

Using a Tap to Thread a Hole –

How do you measure tap and die?

How to Measure for a Tap & Die

  • Look at the threaded fastener you are repairing. Measure the outside diameter of the thread.
  • Count how many threads there are per inch.
  • Find out if your thread is National Fine or National Coarse.
  • Compare the numbers and thread type you just gathered to the numbers written on the taps and dies.