How To Use A Smartboard?

How do you write on a Smartboard?

A press on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard is the same as a left-click with a mouse.

To open an application such as an Internet browser, double-press the application icon with your finger.

To write over your desktop image or an application, pick up a pen from the pen tray and write on the interactive whiteboard.

How do you use a Smartboard in the classroom?

SMART Boards Why are they so easy to use? –

How does a smart board work?

The SMART Board is connected to a computer and works with a projector. The projector displays what is open on the computer and, rather than using a mouse or keyboard (although you can use those also), the SMART Board is a touch screen, which allows you to manipulate anything on the screen using your fingers.

How do you use the smart pen on a Smartboard?

  • Open the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar in full mode (see Opening the dynamic toolbar).
  • Press Pens .
  • Press Pen Options , and then select Magic Pen .
  • Set the color and line thickness for the magic pen.
  • Draw a circle or oval around the portion of the screen you want to display using the magic pen.