How To Use A Prong Collar?

How do you train with a prong collar?

How to use a prong collar correctly- Dog Training with America’s

Should I use a prong collar?

The prong collar is NOT to be used to pull or nag your dog. DO NOT use it to discipline your dog. The prong collar should be used as a training tool only, it is NOT meant to wear 24/7. The only times your dog should be wearing the prong collar are when you are training, working on behaviors or taking walks.

How long should I use a prong collar?

You’ll want to put the prong collar on your dog at least 20 minutes before using it for training. Likewise, you’ll want to wait 20 minutes after using a prong collar before taking it off. You don’t want your dog to associate the collar with any particular event.

How tight should prong collar be?

Prong Collar – Proper Fit Guide –