How To Use A Pocket Square?

How do you wear a pocket square?

Learn How To Fold A Pocket Square In A Few Stylish Ways by Harry

When should you not wear a pocket square?

This is the one thing you should never do when wearing a pocket square, according to men’s style experts

  • It’s not just the suit that counts, it’s how you wear it.
  • “A nice shirt, tie, and pocket square can change the look,” tailor Will Davison says.
  • However, a nice suit can be ruined by matching accessories.

How do you put a handkerchief in a pocket?


  1. Cut out a square of fabric. Generally pocket squares range from 10 x 10 inches to 17 x 17 inches.
  2. Create a hem by folding one side in about ¼ inch and ironing it in place.
  3. Stitch around your square with your sewing machine.
  4. Fold your square and place it in your pocket.

How do you wear a pocket square casually?

The puff ‘fold’ is the easiest and most casual way to wear a pocket square. All you have to do is lay the pocket square flat out on a table and pinch it up from the center. Once you have achieved this gently tuck the corners of the pocket square into your jacket breast pocket.

Should your pocket square match your tie?

The main rule to consider when matching ties to your pocket squares is that they shouldn’t exactly match! While the colors should complement each other, replicating your tie pattern with your pocket square is a tried and tested way to mediocrity.

Are pocket squares in style?

“A pocket square can do the same job a tie does—of smartening up a suit or blazer and smart trousers. In fact, because pocket squares are far less of a go-to than ties are, they can make outfits more thought-through and style-conscious.