How To Use A Flogger?

Where do you hit with a flogger?

“You want to hit areas on the body that are fleshier and fattier,” Aviva says.

“The ass, thighs, and front of the legs.

You want to avoid hitting someone on their spine.

You want to avoid hitting someone on the lower back where the kidneys are.

How does a flogger feel?

Others quiver with pleasure at the look and feel of a paddle, whip, or flogger. For a few, bruises make them all hot and bothered. It’s the intensity, the stinging just after impact, and the startling sensation that gets their heart racing.

How do you flog someone?

To flog is to beat or hit, especially with a tool like a stick or rod. A cruel trainer might flog an unruly horse with a whip. When you flog someone, you beat them as a way of punishing or controlling them.

What does flogging do to the body?

According to Wilson, the injuries resulting from flogging were confined to the skin but the flogging was followed by inflammation of the internal organs and pulpy softening of muscles.