Makeup Essentials That You Don’t Want To Go Without

There are too many products in makeup stores these days and if you are looking for essentials it can be very overwhelming. Makeup trends can be very compelling, but my suggestion for beginners in makeup would be to stick to basics in the start. It’s easy to get carried away in the store and end up with the products which you will use once or twice a year. This is why I came up with the list of essentials for anyone looking to start with makeup or renew their collection.

First off you will need a foundation. If you prefer a natural look I would suggest opting for BB cream, tinted moisturizer or cushion foundation, because they are lighter on the skin, and they will give you a glowy, healthy natural look which you will be able to achieve easily every day. If you prefer a higher coverage foundation, make sure to pick the correct shade for your skin tone.

You will also need a concealer. I recommend getting a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. This way you would be able to brighten up your under eyes.

Blush will make you look more awake and it will compliment your complexion. Pink blushes will make you look like you just hopped out of the shower and you are flushed, just make sure you don’t go overboard. Less is more when it comes to blush.

You should also buy a bronzer that will compliment your skin tone. Look for a bronzer that isn’t too darker than your skin tone, to avoid a muddy look. I would also suggest getting a bronzer that has no shine particles in it because the flat color will create a shadow.

For highlighter, I would suggest choosing something you will be able to wear in your everyday life. Look for champagne colors and avoid pink, green and blue undertones.

When it comes to eye shadow palettes we are all instantly drawn to colorful ones, but you should opt for more natural colors. If you are just beginning with makeup, one makeup palette is enough for everyday use.

You should also get one eyebrow product. If you have fuller brows and you just want to shape them, look for an eyebrow gel. If your brows are more sparse and you would like to make them look fuller, I would suggest getting an eyebrow pen. Choose an eyebrow pen that has a small tip, as you want your strokes to look like real hair.

When it comes to eyeliner if you prefer more natural look I would suggest going with a brown pencil. If you want your eyeliner to amp up your look, go for a black liquid eyeliner.

Mascara is something every makeup beginner should get first. You should black get mascara no matter what the color of your eyes is.

Lastly, I would suggest getting a few lipsticks and one lip gloss. If you are not sure which lipsticks to buy, I would suggest buying one nude, one classic red and one in a shade of pink. When it comes to gloss, you should go for a shade that is somewhere between champagne and pink color.

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