How To Create A Perfect Cut Crease

Cut Crease makeup looks can be perfect for when you want to look extra special. What cut crease technique does is it makes your eyes seem bigger by extending your lid with a few tricks.

You should start with a primer. Apply a dot on your finger and gently tap it on your eyes. If your veins are still showing you can use a bit of concealer on top. Just don’t forget to set it with a light eyeshadow or powder using a fluffy brush.

Before you start applying your eyeshadow you should choose what color combination you want to go with. Staying in the same color family works the best, but once you get familiar with the cut crease technique you can experiment and opt for more colorful looks.

Start with the lightest shade and apply it to your crease using a fluffy blending brush and circular motion. You want to blend your crease shade a bit higher than usual because you want to give more space for your lid.

After your crease looks blended use a more densely packed brush to deepen your crease further. Choose a darker shade and apply it directly to your crease using a windshield motion. Then go back to the previous brush and blend everything out.

Now it is time for the third and the darkest shade you will use. Use a thin brush and apply it in the very center of your crease, right where your eye folds. Again, make sure all three colors are blended together and that there are no harsh lines using a fluffy brush.

To cut your crease you want to use a flat, densely packed, semi-hard brush and thick concealer. Apply some concealer on the back of your hand, pick some of it with your brush and apply it to your lid. While concealer is still wet look up and it will transfer to your crease. This will be your guide as to where you should cut your crease. Use slow short strokes to prevent mistakes from happening.

Once you are finished cutting your crease use a bit more of the darkest shade and a thin brush to define the crease and the line where it is cut. To make your concealer stays in place use a fluffy brush and a white or beige color and buff it over the concealer.

Don’t forget to highlight your eyes and cheeks as this will help your cut crease stand out more. Use a small brush and apply highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and right under the arches of your brows.

To finish up apply some winged eyeliner and mascara. This will bring everything together and frame the eye. You can also put some false lashes to make the eyes look more dramatic.

Don’t hesitate to try out this technique it can seem intimidating and may not turn out as you wish at first, but after you get the hang of it it will help your eyes look bigger and more defined.

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