Makeup Tools – Here’s What You Need To Get That Perfect Look

There is nothing that gives us more confidence than looking our best. To be able to achieve this I would suggest investing in a few makeup tools which you should have with you at all times.

First of all, you need to have a mirror with you. Buy a mirror that goes well with your purse and your overall style and make sure you carry it with you. It can be quite a lifesaver. This way you will be able to check if your mascara is runny or if your lipstick is smudged and fix it quickly.

To prevent your makeup and your makeup tools from spreading everywhere in your purse and getting dirty you should store it in a small makeup bag. This would ensure that you don’t lose cap of any lipstick and it will help in a situation when you can’t find a mirror in your bag.

The brushes that will come in handy when you need to do your makeup in a rush in your car or when you want to touch up your makeup, the brushes that I recommend having with you are small blending brush, kabuki brush, and a blush brush. Small blending brush is great for defining your crease, applying a highlighter or putting powder foundation on small areas ( under your eyes, around your lips…). It can also be great for blending out creamy concealer. Kabuki brush is great because it is compact, doesn’t take up too much space in your makeup bag and it can be used for multiple purposes. You should use it when working with larger areas. It is great for applying foundation, baking powder or even bronzer. When using it to apply powder or bronzer use light motions. When you are using it to apply the foundation you want to press a bit harder into the skin and use circular motions. Blush brush should allow you to place your blush right where you want it, but you can also use it to blend your concealer and set it with powder or to apply your contour. You should apply your blush using light strokes. To achieve this hold the brush at the end of the handle.

I would also suggest having tweezers as they can help you fix your eyebrows quickly or remove any unwanted hair follicles.

Beauty blender can come in handy after a long day as it can absorb extra moisture from your skin. You just need to tap it in lightly in the areas where your skin looks shiny and it will make you look more matte instantly. You can also use it for applying foundation and concealer. Make sure you use it damp because it will soak up too much product if you don’t. If you apply too much blush or bronzer you can tone it down using a beauty blender. Just pat your skin in those areas and it will blend it out and soak up the excess.

To make your eyes look more defined and your eyelashes luscious, you should carry eyelash curler in your makeup bag.

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