10 Vital Makeup Tips You Need To Be Using

Here are some makeup tips which can make your makeup look much better while making the process of application easier.

1. When you are finished with your eye makeup, before you apply mascara, using a finger, press a light shimmering shadow at the center of your eye, just above the pupil of an eye. Use a clean finger to blend it out. This will make your eyes appear bigger and it will focus the attention to the center of your eye.

2. Apply concealer in thin layers. This way it won’t cake or get in the thin lines on your face. Less is definitely more when it comes to concealer. Put a small amount on the back of your hand, then use your finger or beauty blender to tap it into the skin and blend it out.

3. Instead of putting a black liner in your waterline, try lining your upper waterline with a black liner and use the beige liner in your lower waterline, to make your eyes stand out.

4. If liquid lipstick dries out your lips, try applying a thin layer of lip balm beforehand. Use your finger to massage lip balm into the lips. This will ensure that excess lip balm is removed, therefore lip balm won’t break the formula of the liquid lipstick.

5. You can fix a broken powder with just alcohol and a tissue. Use a knife or spatula to break the entire compact to small shards, then pour a few drops of alcohol on the powder and mix until it looks like a paste. Put a tissue on top of the powder and press it using a glass or something else heavy. Remove the tissue and leave it to dry for a day or two.

6. You can make eyeshadow look multidimensional, by using two textures of the same shade. This will make your eye look more interesting.

7. Curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler can make a huge difference and can make your lashes look much more lusheos and long. If you don’t have an eyelash curler you can use your fingers to press your lashes up while your mascara is still wet.

8. You can make your cheap, plastic looking false eyelashes look much more voluminous and wispy. Take a spoolie and using sharp movements from side to side, break up the pattern of the lash. This will break up the clumps of individual hairs, creating a more wispy, natural looking lash.

9. Use your finger to apply lipstick. This method will assure that your lips look natural and the color won’t be too aggressive.

10. You can dash a brown pencil between your lashes to create invisible liner and add a brown mascara. This will make it seem like you don’t have any makeup on.

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